Download the Imikimi Plugin v0.5.1

In order to create, edit and customize Kimis on, you need to install our plugin.

Our plugin is safe to install:
  • Safe to Download (no adware or spyware)
  • The installer only installs the plugin for editing Kimis on
    (We believe software shouldn't do anything you don't want it to.)
1. Download the Windows Installer
2. Open and Run the Installer
3. Follow the instructions

Having problems? Trouble shooting FAQ

Plugin Preview



Works with Microsoft Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000) on on Internet Explorer 8 & 9 and Opera.

Are you a Firefox user? Please contact us for help with the editor. We're very friendly!

Mac browsers currently do not like our plugin editor. However, we have a non-browser editor option for Mac users called KimiCreator. If you would like to try it, contact us and ask for it.


Imikimi Plugin Installation FAQ

  • Why should I install the Full Imikimi Program?

    The Full Imikimi Program (a browser plugin) provides a full featured graphics editor that is more powerful and easier than anything else on the web.

  • How do I get the plugin to work with Google Chrome or Safari for Windows?

    To get the plugin working on Google Chrome or Safari for Windows, please read these instructions.

  • Why is the Plugin Installer Corrupt or Incomplete?

    Most likely the download didn't complete - you only have part of the plugin. The first thing to try is download it again here. After it finishes downloading, open and run it then follow the instructions.

    Sometimes the browser gets confused and won't re-download the plugin. The result is every time you try to download the plugin, it appears to download instantly but it is still corrupt. To reset your browser, you need to clear your browser's "cache" or "browsing history". Follow the appropriate steps for your browser:

    • Internet Explorer: Select Tools -> Delete Browsing History... -> Delete files...
    • Firefox: Select Tools -> Clear Private Data... -> checkmark "Cache" and click Clear Private Data Now
    • Opera: Select Tools -> Delete Private Data -> Delete

    If all that fails, you can try downloading the plugin from our Yahoo Group.

  • Why does the installer say it "may have a Virus"?

    Don't worry, if you got the plugin directly from, it doesn't have a virus. Most likely your download didn't complete, see the above section for more.

  • Why does Microsoft Windows say the Plugin is "Signed by an Unknown Publisher"?

    We digitally sign every release of the plugin with our Imikimi, LLC certificate. If the plugin you download is not signed correctly you probably have a corrupt download. Please see above.

  • How do I run the installer after I downloaded it?

    If you are using Internet Explorer or Opera you should get the option to "Open" or "Run" the installer when you click to download it. Selecting "Open" or "Run" is all you need to do.

    If you didn't get the option to "Open" or "Run" it, select "Save". If you get a choice, save it to the "Desktop" so it will be easy to find later. When the download is done, you need to find where the installer downloaded to and double-click its icon.

    If you are using Firefox, you can find the installer's icon in the "Downloads" window. If you don't see a downloads window, select "Tools" -> "Downloads" from the Firefox menus. You can then double-click the Imikimi Installer icon in the downloads window to run it.

  • Why aren't Windows 95, Windows 98 or Linux computers supported?

    As much as we'd like to, we can't support The Full Imikimi Program on everyone's computer. If you are using an unsupported computer you can still use Imikimi-Lite. For Windows 95 or 98 users we recommend you upgrade to Microsoft Windows XP or Vista and then you can use Imikimi-Full.

  • Administrator Required

    On some computers, such as the ones at work, and public library or an internet cafe, you may not be able to install our plugin without administrator privileges - you might have to talk to IT or whomever runs the computer.

    If this is your computer, try going to the Windows Start menu, log out, then log in as Administrator and then go to and install the plugin. Once the plugin is installed and you verify you can create kimis, you can log out using the Windows Start menu and use your normal computer account. If you forgot your Administrator password, here are some sites that might help: Windows XP, Windows Vista

  • "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page"

    If you see this message, you need to turn down your internet security settings just slightly to use the web site. You can do this by selecting Tools -> Internet Options and under the Security tab setting the security for the "Internet" to "Medium-High" (for IE7) or "Medium" (for IE6).

    If you don't want to change the security settings for all internet web sites, you can add to your list of trusted sites. Make sure the security level for trusted sites is "Medium-High"/"Medium" or lower.

  • How do I restart my Browser?

    Only users of the Opera web browser need to restart their browser. If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox you don't need to do this step. On Opera, after you run the Imikimi Installer, restart Opera by closing all open Opera windows, run Opera again, go to and customize or create a Kimi.

  • I've successfully installed the plugin, but it still doesn't work...

    There are a few more things you might try:

    • If you are using Internet Explorer check to see if the Imikimi plugin is enabled:
      1. In Internet Explorer:
      2. Select Tools -> Manage Add-Ons -> Enable or Disable Add-Ons
      3. Select "Show: Downloaded ActiveX Controls (32-bit)"
      4. Look for the "Imikimi_activex_plugin Control"
      5. Click "Enabled" under "Settings" if it is Disabled
      6. Close all Internet Explorer Windows and then try Imikimi again.
    • If you are using a popup blocker, try turning if off after you have installed the plugin. Then try customizing a Kimi.

  • I installed the plugin, it worked for a while, but now it stopped...

    You may need to uninstall and then re-install the plugin:

  • How do I uninstall the plugin?

    • Windows Vista:
      1. click Start -> Control Pannel
      2. click "Uninstall a program" or "Programs and Features"
      3. find and click on the "Imikimi Plugin" in the list
      4. click "Uninstall" at the top
      5. if Vista asks for premission, click "Continue"
      6. click "Uninstall"

    • Windows XP/2000:
      1. click Start -> Settings -> Control Pannel
      2. click "Add/Remove Programs"
      3. find and click on the "Imikimi Plugin" in the list
      4. click "Change/Remove"
      5. click "Uninstall"

  • I'm still having problems...

    If the plugin still doesn't work, please Contact Us.